PHP 8: What's New and Changed

Presented on2020-12-07

A 40 minute talk that takes you through what's new, changed, and removed in PHP 8, and how you can test and upgrade your web sites to PHP 8 today!

PHP 8 comes with features such as Union Types, JIT, Constructor Property Promotion, and Attributes just to name a few new features. In addition, PHP removes a lot of legacy functionality to help get rid of outdated and insecure coding patterns.

This talk, from the author of PHP.Watch ( will catch you up with the latest features, why they are useful, and how to make use of them. The other changes can lead to failures in your web sites, and the talk will go through which features are removed, and how to work them around.

Note that this talk is heavy on code samples. Slides for the talk will be available before the session, and printed handouts will be available in the room as well.

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